What is it?

The Youth in Transition program (YIT) is a provincially funded service to help youth who have been or currently are in the child welfare system. The goal of the program is to support youth as they transition into adulthood. The program can help youth find housing, employment, educational programs, financial aid, physical and mental healthcare, legal services, and human trafficking supports.



 Youth in Transition Worker (YITW)

Upon entering the program, the YITW meets with the youth to develop their personal support plan and identify goals. Next YITW will meet with the youth regularly to help them work on their goals through:

  • Connecting youth to existing community resources
  • Connecting youth to relevant funding
  • Mentoring sessions (cooking, budgeting, resume building, interview skills, etc..)
  • Accompanying youth to appointments (doctor/ specialist appointments, school tours, apartment viewings, etc..)

Client Centered Approach

The program is designed to be flexible, with youth deciding what goals they want to work on. If their goals and needs change, the program will  be adjusted. Meeting times and locations are also flexible around youth’s needs and can be scheduled outside of regular business hours (evenings and weekends).

Who is eligible?

Youth who meet the following criteria:

  • Are between the ages of 16-24
  • Have an order of Child in Extended Society Care, Legal Custody Order or Formal Customary Care Agreement before their 18th birthday or
  • Have entered into a Voluntary Youth Services Agreement with the Children’s Aid Society between the ages of 16 and 17.



For more information, please contact Sarah Marr at 705-641-8779 or

Program referral form can be found here.