The Francophone Intervention Table of Simcoe Muskoka was created to help the professional community who works with families or individuals between 0-24 yo with complex needs who need francophone services.

Are you having difficulty finding Francophone services? Is the person or family in a complex, high-risk situation? If you answered yes to these questions, the community is here to help!

Francophone children, youth and families grow and thrive in a safe and healthy community through the collaboration of organizations and the implementation of iintegrated French-language services.

The Table is a strategic multi-sectoral collaboration of child, youth, and family services for Francophones:
  • That is guided by common principles and processes
    Whose objective is to offer active solutions
  • That provides support for Francophone families and individuals in the region

Table membership includes:

Mental health services

Victim services

Community services


Probation (we don’t have probation at the table for now)

School boards

Child well-being agencies

Developmental services

Unemployment and housing services

Social Services

What is a situation with complex needs?

Poor physical health, alcohol misuse, drug addiction, self-harm, sexual violence, drugs

Mental illness, antisocial behavior, cognitive impairment

Reduced emotional health, loss, emotional abuse, suicide

Adverse social determinants of food insecurity, unstable shelter, harmful home environment

Poverty, unemployment

Criminal victimization, youth justice issues, harassment

School issues, bullying, negative peer influences, absenteeism, gang affiliation

Neglect, lack of supervision, parenting concerns


Executive committee members – Francophone Intervention Table