To be an equitable and inclusive organization through the use of an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, intersectional approach that is trauma-informed, heading-centred, sage, responsive and affirming, our agency is working hard to prepare and compile a list of resources for our staff and the public.

As the child welfare sector, we know there is an over representation of Black and Indigenous children in care and a disparity in service. It is our commitment that service delivery ensures that children, youth and families with diverse identities are aware of, and have access to, diverse community services and resources that will support their intersecting needs and identities. Below is a list of some of our available resources, as well as organizations to know and support in the community.

Do you have questions about our approach? Do you want to become a partner or share resources with us?

Additional events and resources

Each year, we are recognizing the importance of Black History Month.

The child welfare and children’s mental health sectors have prioritized the need to develop equity-based approaches to services by building a foundation which is anti-racist, trauma informed and healing centered. This framework for services can only be achieved through changes in our agency culture, practice, systems, structures and by building alliances with the community.

We know that the child welfare sector has an overrepresentation of Black children and families receiving service.  Eliminating disproportionality and disparity in outcomes for Black children and youth is our goal. We have made notable progress in working to better serve Black families through the work of the One Vision One Voice committee and through the tireless work and commitment of our Afri-CAN Carib Connexions staff group, however we are aware that we have a long way to go. In children and youth mental health we have heard the voices of Black and Indigenous youth in the report released last week and we must bring their recommendations to action.

We hope you will join in the celebration of Black history every day.

Below are some of the events taking place in 2023:

Black community organizations to know and support

All year long, we work with black community-based partners. Below are some of the community organizations we work with.

BWG Diversity Action Group

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Bradford Women’s Group

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Making Change

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Aurora Black Community

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Shak’s World

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Parents Against Racism

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Local Allies

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Uplift Black

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