Foster caregivers play a vital role in our local region. They provide an important service for children, youth, and the community. We want anyone interested in becoming a foster caregiver to have a greater understanding of what the role entails and encourage as much learning, exploration, and research as possible as part of the application journey. We have chosen a few videos below that we think will assist as well as links to resources we believe will provide a starting point for learning more.

Foster Care Association Links:

Mentorship Information

Videos about Fostering from partner agencies:

“I am a Foster Caregiver”

Diversity is a strength

What youth look for in foster caregivers.

You Don’t Have to be “Perfect” to Foster

Accueillir un enfant (FR)

Les enfants ont besoin d’une famille qui va les accueillir (FR))

ReMoved Film

‘It would be impossible to fully understand the life and emotions of a child going through the foster care system, but this short narrative film portrays that saga in a poetic light, with brushes of fear, anger, sadness, and a tiny bit of hope.’ Santa Barbara Independent

Filmmaker Nathanael Matanick, also known as “Heschle” made the short film ReMoved with the desire that it would be used to serve in bringing awareness, encouragement, be useful in foster caregiver training, and raising up foster caregivers.

Originally created for the 168 Film Festival, ReMoved follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care. Although the story is scripted, everything that happens in ReMoved is based on real events, though not on any one person’s story. The writers tried to tame it down for the most part, not wanting to make the film too heavy, but believe that it turned out pretty heavy, regardless.