Do you enjoy working with children? Do you have a special talent and time to share? Are you looking to enhance your resume, collect community hours or just looking for an opportunity to give back to the community?

At Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions (SMFC) volunteers play an important role in the services that we provide. Their contribution is invaluable and provides a vital link between the SMFC and the community.

By volunteering at SMFC you will meet a variety of people including other volunteers, staff, foster parents, and the children and families we serve. We offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities to individuals of all ages and stages from serving on our Board of Directors to being a volunteer driver…all of which bring the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped a child and his or her family.

As part of the team we require that all volunteers have a police records check, participate in our mandatory volunteer training program and make a 12 month commitment to volunteering.

We also welcome high school students who are completing their 40 hours of community volunteering.

Why are volunteers important to SMFC


Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions (SMFC) could not reach the children and families who need our help without the efforts of our volunteers. Volunteers play an important role in the services that we provide. Their contribution is invaluable and provides a vital link between SMFC and the community.  Our volunteers make a difference in the lives of children, youth and families.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Drivers

Our volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to provide an invaluable service by assisting staff and foster families with the transportation needs of children in the care of SMFC. Volunteer drivers transport children and sometimes their families to various appointments such as access visits, medical appointments and school throughout Muskoka and the Simcoe County region at the request of the Agency.  Punctuality and reliability are a necessity for this position.  Our drivers are compensated at .56¢/km.


Volunteer Mentors

Mentors are matched with a child who need extra support and encouragement and benefit from regular one-to-one time. Volunteers take the child out of their home environment and involve them in a community activity/event. There may be occasions when the child and volunteer work on a project in the child’s home. Volunteers may need to transport the child. This position requires the volunteer to spend 2-3 hours weekly with the child/youth.


Volunteer Parent-Assists

Parent Assist Volunteers are partnered with a parent/guardian to provide on-going weekly support and guidance, emotional support and practical skills (i.e. budgeting, cooking, household organization). This position requires the volunteer to spend 2-3 hours weekly with the parent/guardian.


Volunteer Tutors/Homework Assistance

Volunteer Tutors provide children in our care assistance with their homework.  Volunteers can provide face-to-face support in the child’s home or they can assist in a virtual capacity.  The volunteer is required to spend 1-2 hours weekly with the child/youth.

Benefits of Volunteering


  1. Opportunities to learn new skills
  2. Sense of satisfaction
  3. Feeling of contributing to the lives of children, youth and their families in our community
  4. Opportunities to meet new people
  5. Volunteer opportunities may lead to employment
How to apply

Click here to complete the Volunteer Application Form

Specific Volunteer Opportunities

Holiday Program

Do you enjoy the holidays and want to share it? Do you want to give to others this year, but financially can’t? Are you looking for an opportunity to give back to the community?

Come join us at Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions (SMFC) to volunteer for the Holiday Program. Your contribution is invaluable and provides a vital link between SMFC and the community. We are looking for volunteers for the month of December, during business hours (Mon-Fri; 8:30am-4:30pm). You can help out in one of our Branches for the delivery of donations on Dec 7 & 8. You can help out at our Toy Depot in Barrie to sort toys, create packages/hampers, help deliver items, help shopping, etc.

This will all be done with strict COVID protocols including wearing face coverings, limiting the number of people and space indoors, and thorough sanitation.

Please email us at: Holiday@familyconnexions.ca or call: 705-726-6587 x.2226 or Toll Free: 1-800-481-4236 x.2226

Volunteer Recognition

While we are thankful and celebrate our volunteers all year long, National Volunteer Week is an additional reason to recognize the powerful work from all of our volunteers and those who are making an impact for our organization.

Click here to see our 2022 Volunteer Recognition celebration


Volunteer Testimonies

What I like most about volunteering with SMFC is that I feel that my work is truly valued throughout the agency. I feel supported by the people I work with and I feel welcomed by everyone I interact with. I value how everyone works well with each other. I feel like my own needs are taken into account as well and this helps me a great deal with being the best I can be for the families I help.

Chris- Volunteer Tutor

I love being a part of such a wonderful community at SMFC. Giving out a helping hand fills my heart with joy and I’m grateful to be doing this. Thank you SMFC!

Natalia – Volunteer Parent Assist Volunteer

I am thankful to my daughter Tamara for introducing me to this volunteer position driving for Family Connexions. It gives me a sense of fulfilment by being part of helping families in need to connect. I enjoy doing my best to make the children feel safe and comfortable by talking and making the drive as entertaining as possible. 

Mike – Volunteer Driver

I look forward to the moments I spend with the kids. They brighten my day with their smiles and stories. My hope, is that I can do the same for them.

Sabrina – Volunteer Driver

I very much enjoy helping the children get to where the need to be.  Having the time during the drive to be a good listener and offering a little kindness and support is very rewarding.

Eugene – Volunteer Driver

The feeling of helping and being involved is a good feeling.

Katie – Volunteer Driver

I have volunteered with Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions for several years as a driver.  I like the flexibility and I feel good that I am helping families in my community.

Volunteer Driver

I must say it has been a blessing to be a volunteer driver for the SMFC.  It has opened my eyes and my heart much wider and has made me appreciate all that I have. It has been a great experience I have had so many awesome kids come into my life and so thankful for that. Sending hugs to everyone.

Linda – Volunteer Driver

I love being a volunteer! After retiring from my career working with children, I’ve really enjoyed sharing my wisdom and experience, it’s very rewarding to help people and I get to play with babies! It always adds excitement to my week.” 

Cheryl – Volunteer Parent Assist



Coordinator of Volunteer and Family Contact Services – Family Support Team



Contact our general line at (705)726-6587