After receiving the Orientation form, only agencies with a service to offer will attend the meeting. The speaker will be invited to the meeting to discuss the request. Online meetings happen twice a month.

Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions

SMFC is more than a Children’s Aid Society. We offer early intervention and support programs, especially familial orientation, temporary placement in a foster home and group homes, adoption and information request services related to adoption. In the Muskoka offices, we offer mental health programs and services for children and youth, especially a counselling Clinic open to the public.

CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre

At CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre, our mission is to provide culturally relevant holistic programs and services to equip our communities to achieve optimal health and well-being through awareness, health promotion and illness prevention.

Services take into consideration the diverse and unique needs from the community. Collaborative work with clients and the community is central to the care model. They work with partners and community members to understand local stakes, create local links and deliver local solutions to tackle collective needs regarding care.


Chigamik offers the following services, free of charge:

  • Biidaaban Doula Collective

  • Mental Health and substance addiction Counselling

  • Traditional Healing

  • Massage Therapy

  • Natural Therapy
  • French Language System Navigator

  • Syringes exchange program/ Harm reduction program
  • Midland Midwives/Mid-wives By the Bay

  • Community Outreach

  • Kin-Nod-Mo-Win Diabetes Program

  • Dietitian

  • Primary Care/Telemedicine


All services are offered using a systemic and holistic approach to better answer student needs.


  • Mental health: anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts
  • Attendance or dropout
  • Personal or social-affective adjustment: mourning, health determinants insecurity, LGBTQ, peer relationship, trauma, discrimination, substance abuse and dependance, etc.
  • Family adjustment: family violence, poverty, marginalization, family structure change, parents mental health, implication and collaboration with CASs, etc.
  • Crisis: individual crisis, suicidal crisis, self-mutilation, sexual aggression
  • Traumatic event: school violence (VTRA), death, tragedy, etc.
  • Individual references and interventions
  • Brief therapy
  • Classroom or targeted group intervention
  • Staff consultation
  • Building staff capacity
  • Family psychoeducation
  • School needs evaluation on a psychosocial level
  • Referral and partnerships with community services

La Clé

La Clé offers multiple youth services. They have educational daycare services (daycares), EarlyON childhood center, summer camps, mental health support services for 0-18 yo youth. They also offer interventions, counseling, and workshops.


CMHA Simcoe – Canadian Mental Health Association Simcoe County

The Canadian Mental Health Association Simcoe County provides a full care system for those with addictions and mental health issues. We serve everyone from youth to adults to seniors. Our programs help individuals and families to lead lives filled with meaning and promise.

They offer, among others, Addictions Services, Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT), Case Management, Court Support, Crisis Services, On-duty support, Family Health Team, Nurse Practitioner Program, Peer Support and Youth Services. They have bilingual speakers in some of those programs.


As a navigator, Catherine provides services to francophone residents by helping them with orientation in the healthcare system, while providing mental health and substance addiction services. She also offers case management and counselling support to francophone clients.

Children's Treatment Network

The service navigator fills the admission form and, with the family, establishes the level of need including the priority screening and evaluation tool for the child or youth’s needs and strengths (CANS). The service navigator provides resources and links to all services and required support.


This service could work if:

  • Your child faces multiple challenges and requires many specialized services from various sectors (i.e. health, school, re-adaptation, community).
  • You feel overwhelmed by multiple providers and suggestions and various objectives.
  • Your child needs services on an ongoing basis, such as physical and intellectual deficiencies cases that require use of technology.
  • Your family experiences high increased stress level that make it hard to coordinate services by yourself (i.e., financial instability, parent death, job loss, housing loss, parental health, etc.).


Family Resource Services: works with families who have children (school-aged 21yo) with a learning deficiency (IQ lower than 70) and/or a physical deficiency. The service works with families, service agencies and needs of each family and child. The service helps families access necessary and available community resources.

The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): the key services support program offers expertise, consultation and navigation for families and service providers.

Children’s Respite Services: The service is a family support service that works with families to temporary relieve them of physical and emotional requirements linked to children’s care, 18yo or less, who have a developmental deficiency (IQ lower than 70) and/or a physical deficiency.

Wraparound Process: WrapAround helps you and your family build a team of support based on the strengths and skills of trusted family, friends and community.

If there’s a service request for a program without a francophone worker, we will try to find a worker so that the family receives the service.



‘Support francophone women, 16 and over, who experienced or may experience violence, in any form, to accompany them and provide tools towards self-determination’.


  • Establish and offer intervention services, French awareness and prevention programs to support women (16 and over) who live or may have lived sexual or intimate relations violence.
  • Collectivity awareness on reality and impact of violence by educating the public, children and youth on the need for prevention on women violence through forums, workshops and special activities.



  • Intervention/counseling.
  • Transition support/housing support.
  • Court support.
  • Representation, support, referral and community resources
  • Education programs and community prevention.

Our services are free and confidential.

Ontario Works

Ontario Works representatives can offer the following services:

  • If an individual faces financial difficulties, OT can examine if they receive OT-ODSP or if they need to make a request
  • OT makes sure that participants benefiting OT receive the correct right (all household members are registered to the budget, their housing expenses are entered correctly, etc.)
  • OT will speak to the benefits available such as travel expenses for medical reasons, special dietary plans or funeral expenses, funeral travel expenses. If participants need medical items (wheelchair, prosthesis, etc.), an orientation will be done to determine eligibility.
  • OT can offer dental assistance.
  • For those who face housing crisis, the housing maintenance program can be available.
  • It’s possible to request housing or children services in Simcoe County for daycare expenses.
  • OT provides additional information on ODSP and temporary care financing.



Wendat helps people with great mental disease, especially bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and et le borderline personality disorder to live as independently as possible thanks to case management at home. Services are provided to people 16 and over.


Mackenzie Health

Following services are offered by the Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences for Children and Families (CBHS-Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences):

Behavioural Services: services who work with individuals with an intellectual disability diagnosis while supporting compartmental problems that interfere qui their ability to participate in daily activities.


In the Ontario Autism Program, we have two types of services:

  • The IBI/ICI clinic (intensive behaviour intervention): services offered to children who are on the autism spectrum. Services are individual therapy (1 on 1) of Applied behaviour analysis by learning abilities that will help in the individual’s independency in all life aspects.
  • Basic family services: online services offered to families with children on the autism spectrum who deal with concepts and trainings on general strategies on behaviour and for children on the autism spectrum.

CLH Developmental Service – Adults & Children Services

Adults receive support in Community Activities Program suited to their individual needs. Elements of supports range from self-care, daily living skills, centre based & community day activity and supported employment.

Supported Living Home Services are provided for 90 adults in group homes, 36 Supported Independent Living settings, 4 of which are supported in Family Home Program settings.


Infants, toddlers, and children up to the age of 12 who attend a licensed childcare programs are supported through our County wide Resource Consultation Services. We have locations across the County, including Collingwood, Alliston, Bradford, Barrie, Orillia and Midland. This service is Free of Charge and is funded by the County of Simcoe.

School aged teenagers access our summer program where both work and life skills activities are enjoyed.  The numbers vary from year to year.  We also provide support on an ongoing basis to a number of adolescents and their families through our Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Program. With the addition of this program, youth and adults are supported with transitions throughout their lives.

La Maison Rosewood

La Maison Rosewood, under the agency Huronia Transition Homes, has an agreement with six local agencies that fight for violence against women to help francophone women who experienced violence in their intimate relationships et/or experienced sexual aggressions, including La Maison Rosewood Shelter in Midland; Green Haven Shelter for Women in Orillia; Women & Children’s Shelter in Barrie; My Friends’s House in Collingwood; People in Transition in Alliston and Colibri: Francophone women centre of Simcoe County in Barrie.


La Maison Rosewood works in collaboration with other shelters in Simcoe County to ensure French services. La Maison Rosewood Shelter Francophone speakers can refer women to French services in Simcoe County.

French shelter services are for all francophone women 16 and over, who experience or experienced violence in any form. Programs and services are offered to the community as well as shelter residents. All programs and services are free and confidential.

  • Emergency housing up to 8 weeks
  • Emergency 24 h phone lines: 705-526-4211 or 1-800-461-1750
  • Rights protection, information and referral to appropriate services
  • Support groups for women and children
  • Legal service support

Empower Simcoe

The infant and child development program of Simcoe County is a family program that offers services to children from birth to beginning of school, who have a diagnosed developmental delay or are at risk of developing a developmental delay. The recommendation to the infant and child development program is accepted from parents or a service provider who received parent consent.


Knowing that family is the first source of support and care for the child, child interventions are family-focused. The child’s needs and strengths are identified and evaluated based on the game. A family service plan is developed with the family. Objectives are identified and adapted to the child’s and families’ needs and strengths.

The infant and child development program of Simcoe County is fully funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services of Ontario.

Kerry’s Place

Kerry’s Place offers individual clinical services, brief consultations where families receive strategies and resources. If there’s a request for other services, Kerry’s Place will try to better offer them in French. For example, groups for kids or workshops for parents.


New Path

Services offered by NewPath include therapy with the child and their parent. Service is offered for 6 to 9 months.

With a partnership with La Clé, there is also parent groups (Triple P) and services for youth at school, as well as counseling and therapy.


Gilbert Centre

The centre offers social and support services to strengthen autonomy, promote health and celebrate life for people living and affected by HIV and other sexually transmittable diseases, as well as people and families from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities in Simcoe Muskoka).


OPP Orillia


Support services for students:

  1. Internalization problems (i.e. anxiety, discouragement, self-harm, etc.).
  2. Mixed problems (internalization and externalization): social work request and consultation request with the behaviour advisor
  3. Brief intervention and/or therapeutic counseling
  4. Individual, systemic and emergency crisis intervention
  5. School absenteeism intervention
  6. Intervention for suspensions of 11 days and over.


Family support services:

  1. Preliminary sorting and psychosocial evaluation.
  2. Referral to community resources to meet family needs.
  3. Recommendations and strategies established for interiorization needs and mixed of the student (psychoeducation).
  4. Family support in difficult situations and/or changes (death, suspension, placement, report to aid society).
  5. Support collaboration between family and school.