The FNMI Unit

Mission of the FNMI Unit

Guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings, the FNMI Teams will collaborate with the community and service agencies in providing holistic, culturally based services that will strengthen the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental well-being of families and ensure the protection and safety of FNMI children and youth.

FNMI Staff Vision

The FNMI Unit is a strong, stable, competent entity valued and supported for its excellence in providing unique cultural-based services. We walk in balance, embracing diversity and shared cultural beliefs. The Seven Grandfather Teachings are incorporated into what we do, as we work in partnership with the community to ensure that the voices of families, children and youth are heard and empowered to participate in their own well-being.

We serve the FNMI populations in Simcoe and Muskoka, in the First Nations communities and in the urban population striving to provide culturally-based child welfare services through a non-judgmental, respectful and anti-oppressive approach.

A designated First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Senior Service Manager guides the work of the two protection teams made up of Family Service Workers, and one resource team made up of Child and Youth Service Workers (CYSW), Customary/Kinship Care Workers, and Family Resource Workers–based in Barrie and Midland/Orillia. Also supporting the work with families is Circle Facilitator from the Family Involvement Team.

These are the services you can expect from the Protection Teams

  • Matching FNMI Family Service Workers with FNMI Families
  • Carrying out child protection investigations
  • Providing ongoing service and service planning with families
  • Assessing cultural needs, and develop and implement cultural plan
  • Referring families to Circles that involve broad range of family members and build on family strengths and needs
  • Searching family and community support
  • Referring families to culturally-appropriate services
  • Finding culturally-appropriate placements for children in need

These are the services you can expect from the Resource Team

  • Providing ongoing and long-term service for Crown Wards and children and youth in care which include plans of care and cultural plans
  • Assessing cultural needs of families and children
  • Developing and implementing cultural plans
  • Completing assessments for kinship service, kinship care, and customary care
  • Completing SAFE home studies and service plans
  • Creating kinship care/customary care agreements
  • Providing ongoing support to Kinship/ Customary care/ Foster home

Circle Facilitator

FNMI Circle/Case Conferences are facilitated by a Circle Facilitator who is impartial and not involved in the case management of individual cases. Circles are culturally sensitive and culturally based using collaborative and strength based tools that involve immediate family, extended family, bands, community and service providers in the decision making and planning for children.