Community Connexions

Connecting to the community is our vision; our journey with the First Nations community has been about making those connections at every point.

The Child Welfare Advisory Circle (CWAC) was established as a result of the vision of the Biinoojinsauk Committee of the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle (BANAC) in 2003. The committee recognized the need to provide support to Aboriginal children and their families; while addressing the historic impact and legacy of child welfare through the development of an alternative culturally acceptable approach.

Through community consultations and the support of the then, Simcoe Children’s Aid, the first designated Aboriginal positions were created between 2006 and 2008.

Acknowledging the importance of Aboriginal specific services, and bringing the CWAC vision to fruition; the First Nation, Métis, Inuit Unit was formalized in 2009.   The Unit is comprised of two protection teams, one Resource Team, and a circle facilitator, who are supported by three supervisors and one administrative position.