What Happens If I Call…

When you call our 24/7 toll free intake line, you will speak with one of our professional workers who will listen to your concern and will use a standard reference tool call the Eligibility Spectrum. This is used to assist workers in making consistent and accurate decisions about a child or family’s eligibility for service.

If it is determined that a further investigation should take place, a child protection worker will then meet with the family to assess the child’s safety. The worker may also speak to other children in the family, doctors, teachers, etc. to get a full sense of the potential harm or risk factors in the child’s situation.

At-risk families receive the help they need. This might be a referral to parenting or treatment programs to learn how to improve the quality of care for their children. They are supported, and if there are ongoing protection issues, they may be required to work with one of our family protection workers.

Each year, approximately 2,850 calls to SMFC are serious enough to warrant investigation by a child protection worker.

SMFC child protection workers collaborate with these families, as well as other community organizations, to help protect or improve the wellbeing of a child and/or raise the quality of care being provided for a child.

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