Families for Children

Children in our community need you!

Fostering and Adoption can change a child’s life!  You can be the difference for a child in need by opening your home as a foster or adoptive family.

All children need a family. And families are unique, and come together in many different ways. Whether through birth, a relative such as a grandparent, caring adults in the community, an adoptive or foster family – they are as diverse as we are as individuals.

We rely on members of our community to care for children who need a safe family environment. But that care is unique to the circumstances of the child and family. The differing types of care – fostering, kinship care, customary care and adoption, all have many things in common. They have a shared goal – ensuring children have meaningful connections they can count on.  Many families who foster or provide kinship care proceed on to adopting those children.  Also, many adoptive families are caring for children through fostering prior to adopting.

“Fostering to Permanence” is a form of foster care where foster parents are prepared to adopt the foster child within their home, if that child becomes available for adoption. Fostering with the First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) context ideally leads to Customary Care. Within this system the child will have only one placement. “Fostering to Permanence” is becoming a large part of the way we provide quality care/options for children.  At this time, permanent homes for children can originate in any of these three “streams”: adoption, fostering or Fostering to Permanence.

Currently, SMFC is looking for people who are open to welcoming children and youth into their family through fostering or adoption. Please contact us to learn more about how you can help provide a loving home and caring connections for a child/ren.


Fostering & Adoption Inquiry Form

Are you interested in learning more about fostering or adoption? Please fill out the simple form below and we will contact you to talk about next steps.
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    Our database that we use to capture information about care-giving families is shared across the province with other Children's Aid Societies. We require your consent to capture your information in our system. The Child Protection Information Network (CPIN) is a province-wide, single information system for all children's aid societies (CAS) in Ontario. When an individual applies to become a foster or adoptive parent, their identifying information is entered into the system. To continue with the application, the individual will be asked to consent to the collection of their information in CPIN and to a search of the CPIN database. All approved resource parents involved with Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions will be registered in CPIN. This enables information about adoptive/foster families to be readily available to inform adoption workers and assist in making better matches when placing children and youth.