Every child deserves a family to call their own. They need to know who will be there for them long term, where they will live and who will take care of them. A sense of permanence and stability are critical to a child’s well-being and development. When that cannot be achieved with their birth family, adoption may become an option. Our goal is to find the right family for each child. If you are looking to enrich your family through adoption contact us. We can help.

SMFC is a public agency; our adoption services have no fees attached. We are seeking families who can provide a loving, stable and permanent home to children. We provide a comprehensive application and orientation process, as well as post adoption support services.

Currently children of all ages and with various backgrounds are available to be adopted. They come from a variety of cultural, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Some have very special needs such as physical, emotional or developmental challenges. All have a need to be loved and wanted as part of a family.

Our adoption applicants represent a diverse group. Some are married, single, gay, straight, lesbian or transgendered. They may have no children or they may already have a family. They come from all backgrounds and cultures. Do not exclude yourself from considering adoption because you feel that you don’t fit the traditional profile.

Adoption is a legal process; the application process is very thorough and includes a medical exam, police checks, a number of references and a series of interviews and home visits. There is also an extensive training and orientation program. Once a family is approved, the search begins both internally and with other agencies.

PLEASE NOTE: Our agency is not accepting applications for the Adoption of healthy babies or babies with mild delays or needs at this time. We presently have many approved families on our waiting list looking to adopt infants and babies up to age 3.

At this time, we will only consider adoption applications only for children with high needs, medically fragile infants, children with special needs, older children and sibling groups.

We will review this decision in six months (July 2017) if the needs of our children change. Thank you for your interest in Adoption.

We encourage you to consider fostering or fostering with a view to permanence if you are interested in supporting our communities’ children.

For people seeking information on a previous adoption we provide an Adoption Disclosure service. Please use our “contact us” link to inquire for a disclosure.

Read some Adoption Stories that will give you further insight into what adoption might look like for you.

Adoption Inquiry Form

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