We Care About our Service – Working Together for Solutions

We want to work with you to resolve any concerns you may have. Discuss your concerns with your caseworker to resolve issues when they arise and before they become large problems.

If the problem cannot be resolved at this level, speak to your worker’s supervisor. This can be done by telephone if you wish. You may be asked to meet with your caseworker and the supervisor. At any stage, you may choose to bring a friend or relative for support.

If you still have concerns you will be directed to the appropriate Senior Manager, who will contact you within three business days of receiving your concerns.

Complaint Process

If your concerns are not resolved at that level, you may choose to have your concerns reviewed by a Director of Service and/or Executive Director. If your concerns are still not resolved, you may choose to access the Society’s Internal Complaint Review Panel.

A form has been created to help clarify the details of the concerns that you are bringing forward to the Internal Complaints Review Panel.  Once completed, the form should be submitted to the agency in person, by mail, fax or email.  Download the form here.

The Panel consists of a senior manager and a service manager who have not had direct involvement with your case or complaint, as well as a member of the Board of Directors.

There are some matters that can be reviewed by the Review Panel and some that cannot.

Matters we can review:

  • Services you have sought or received
  • Parts of the plan of care for your child
  • Concerns about your child’s placement in the care of the Society

Matters we cannot review:

  • Issues that have been decided by the Court or that are before the Court
  • Policies and procedures mandated by law
  • Matters that are subject to another decision-making process under the Child and Family Services Act or the Labour Relations Act
  • Issues raised by a person who has not sought or received service from the Society

The Internal Complaint Review Panel Process

When we receive your written complaint, the Society will, as soon as possible and within seven days, determine whether or not it is eligible for review, in light of the criteria above.

  1. If your complaint is not eligible for review by the Panel, you will be notified in writing, within seven days. You will also be given the reason(s) for the decision.
  2. If your complaint is eligible for review by the Panel, you will be notified in writing within seven days and given a date for a meeting. The meeting will be scheduled within 14 days of the written notice. You will also be given the name of a contact person at the Society who can answer your questions about the process.
  3. You may bring a support person(s) to the meeting.
  4. Within 14 days of your meeting with the Review Panel, the Panel will send you its decision and the reasons for its decision in writing.
  5. If your concerns are still not resolved you will be directed to the Provincial Child and Family Services Review Board.

Note: Alternate formats to initiate a complaint and receive feedback are available.  Please contact the Senior Admin for Service to inquire.