Babysitting is the transfer of childcare responsibilities from the parent or guardian to another responsible person. For babysitting to be successful everyone must be involved in planning and safety.

Parents must ensure that whomever they are choosing to watch their children is responsible and can keep the children safe and secure.

Who can babysit?

Babysitters must be adults or children over the age of 11 who have demonstrated that they can care for the children and can act responsibly if there is an emergency. It is against the law to leave a child under the age of 10 to care for other siblings or children.

We recommend that only children 12 and over be allowed to care for other children.

If you work during the entire day or night you may need to pay someone to look after your children while you work. There are several options you can look into, such as licensed day care centres, home-based day care, nursery schools, and “drop-in” day care centres. You can also hire someone to come into your home and look after your children. Look in the yellow pages under “Day Nurseries” or “Day Care.”