Community Based Programs

Intensive Services 0 – 6 Program

Intensive Services 0 – 6 Program provides community based early identification, intervention and treatment programs for children up to 6 years of age, with  mental health difficulties; encourages and enhances the relationship between caregiver and child; assists in understanding child development; and in recognizing and managing mental health issues which may affect the child/family.

Intensive Services Program

Intensive Services Program provides a range of intensive and flexible community based services for children and youth with mental health difficulties, to strengthen both the capacity of families to support their children and the ability of children and youth to function effectively in their homes and community. The Intensive Service program is concentrated over ten to twelve weeks and is offered to children and adolescents up to 18 years of age and their families residing the in the District of Muskoka.

Intensive Services – Child in Care

Intensive Services – Child in Care provides access to programs and services for children and families whose child is in care, coordinates and promotes access to counselling and other mental health services. The service also counsels individuals and families experiencing family disruption as a result of a child being admitted to care, provides skill building training to caregivers and is a liaison between agency mental health programs and services and the other agency staff involved

Ontario YouthCAN

Ontario YouthCAN is the unifying voice for youth in care of Children’s Aid Societies in the province, is dedicated to improving the quality of care for youth in Ontario’s Child Welfare System so that they are empowered, secure and able to realize their fullest potential. Locally, YouthCAN is an opportunity for young people in the care of the agency to connect and network with one another, build shared leadership and cooperation. It is also an opportunity to create advocates and leadership opportunities on behalf of youth in care in Ontario Children’s Aid Societies.

Intensive Services – School Based Program

Intensive Services – School Based Program is offered in collaboration with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board and Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, focused on youth at the high school level. It is intended to remove the barriers and obstacles that prevent young people from accessing counseling services and also provides school staff with resources to assist in supporting skill development.

Mobile Crisis

Community based Mobile Crisis services are available for children and youth, in a mental health crisis situation, including 24-hour, 7 days per week telephone response, risk assessment, access to appropriate professional and clinical services and supports, and links to follow-up services and safety planning.

Muskoka Youth Justice Committee Program

Muskoka Youth Justice Committee Program is mandated by the Youth Criminal Justice Act for certain offences and is an alternative to traditional court processes, with referrals from the Crown Attorney and the OPP. Youth (12–17yrs old), their parents, and the persons harmed participate in a Justice Circle. The youth are given an opportunity to make amends for their behavior and understand the impact their behaviour has had on themselves, others and the broader community.  The individual harmed is also given the opportunity to be heard and partake in what they believe is appropriate restitution; once the youth fulfills the agreement, the charges are withdrawn.

Get a Plan (GAP)

Get a Plan (GAP) provides community-based emergency resources and support for youth 16 and 17 years of age, assisting youth who are in crisis – homeless, hungry, at risk of committing or who have committed crime and who require both emotional and financial support in order to stay safe and plan for a healthy future.

Muskoka Victor Therapy Fund

Muskoka Victor Therapy Fund (MVTF)

The MVTF is a fund that originated from the efforts of local citizens to raise fund to support local youth who have experienced sexual abuse.  The fund is to support families in providing specialized trauma interventions, such as art therapy, sand tray therapy, EMDR, etc. when publicly funded treatment has been found insufficient.   Application needs to be submitted by a service provider and is available MVF Application Form (002).  The Terms of Reference with respect to the operation of the MVTF are available here.