Vision, Purpose, Values

Our Vision
Communities in which children, youth and families thrive.
Our Purpose

To work together with families, community partners and colleagues to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children, youth and families.

Our Core Values

We will honour a deep commitment to anti-oppressive practice through:

  • Integrity
    … demonstrating transparency, respect, trust, and authenticity.
  • Safety and Wellbeing
    … supporting the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological safety and wellbeing of children, youth, families and staff.
  • Professionalism
    …demonstrating accountability for our actions and attitudes through effective use of resources and quality outcomes in a spirit of continuous learning.
  • Collaboration
    … working effectively with each other and our partners to deliver client-centred services in the belief that we are better together.
  • Open Communication
    … ensuring that individuals have input into decisions that affect them, are listened to respectfully and given timely feedback.
  • Social Justice
    … recognizing injustices and working hard to reduce them in a spirit of reconciliation.