Holiday Program!

As you begin to prepare for the Holiday Season. We would like to ask you to consider helping other families and/or youth in our community that are struggling financially and are unable to provide a holiday celebration for their children. This year, you can help give joy in 3 different ways;
– Make a financial donation (see link below) to help us purchase needed item, such as toiletries kits, grocery gift cards, etc.
– Become a sponsor (individual, group or business) (link to apply to a family, to children or parent (partial sponsorship), by purchasing bulk items (such as PJ’s, soft blankets, etc.). See the Guidebook link below for more information.
– Donate through our partners (CTV Toy Mountain, Barrie Toy Tea, Paramedic Collection, etc.)

The Communications Department of Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions, with help from volunteers, run the program every year and help over 3,000 children. But we could not do it without the generosity of people like you who give every year!

Oprah once talked about the most memorable Christmas of her life. It was the year that she was twelve years old, living on welfare with her single mother. And she was told that they couldn’t afford any gifts that year. She was sad of course, but mostly she worried about how she would face her friends and be the kid that got nothing. Then unexpectedly, members of her local church showed up at her house and brought her a doll, and food, and they had a Christmas. She says it remains the best Christmas of her life, because someone remembered her. She wasn’t forgotten.

We work with families like hers every day here in our community and ask for your support to make their Holiday a memorable one!

Want to help a family or a youth but prefer to make a financial donation?

Need information about how the sponsorship program works?