Muskoka Victor Therapy Fund Committee Terms of Reference

Feb. 2016

1.0 Purpose
The Muskoka Victor Therapy Fund Committee (MVTFC) provides a forum and process to review applications made to the Muskoka Victor Therapy Fund (MVTF). The MVTFC makes decisions regarding the allocation of funding based on the eligibility criteria set out on the application and funds available at the time of request.

2.0 Goal
To provide funding for children & youth (ages 0-18) in Muskoka who have experienced sexual abuse (directly or indirectly), whether alleged or verified, for treatments which cannot be accessed through publicly funded service, the Health Care System or family health care plan. Funding is available to children and youth for whom traditional and publically available treatments are not appropriate, insufficient, or who may benefit from additional services/treatments.

3.0 Accountability
The MVTFC is connected to the Muskoka Victor Movement (MVM), a volunteer organization in partnership with other agencies, whose aim is to promote awareness regarding the issue of child sexual abuse and to raise funds for the MVTF. Ultimately, the MVTFC is accountable to the Muskoka community and to the donors who have made the MVTF possible. Additionally, The MVTFC is accountable to Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions because the MVTFC operates under the auspices of the agency and all funds are administered by the agency.

4.0 Objectives
4.1 Ensure transparency to the community of Muskoka and MVTF donors regarding how decisions are made regarding the allocation of funds held by the MVTF. These Terms of Reference will be posted on the Muskoka Victor Movement Page. As well, a message on the Facebook Page will note that financial details are available upon request.
4.2 Develop and adhere to eligibility criteria to ensure funds are allocated in a transparent and equitable manner with the purpose of enhancing treatments received by children impacted by issues of sexual abuse.
4.3 Promote partnerships with service providers in an effort to reduce the cost of treatments and thus extend the funds to the greatest number of children possible.
4.4 Ensure treatments/services being funded are clinically recommended and evidence-informed.
4.5 Review Terms of Reference on an annual basis

5.0 Membership
Membership will include:
• At least Three Family Connexions Child and Youth Mental Health staff; two of which will be direct service staff and one of which will be a manager or a service manager.
• One parent who has experience with or an interest in the issue of child sexual abuse
• One community member who is not a staff of the agency or a potential treatment provider.

6.0 Decision Making and Quorum:
• Decisions are made through consensus of all attending members.
• Quorum is made by three members; one of whom must be a Family Connexions manager and one of whom is either the parent or the community member.
• Decisions regarding funding are based on consideration of need and maximized benefit.

7.0 Meetings & Member Roles:
7.1 Member Roles:
The following member roles will be designated on an annual basis with consensus from all committee members:
1) Committee Chair: Responsibilities include,
• Review applications
• Set date, set agenda and chair MVTFC meetings (designates a temporary meeting chair if they cannot attend a meeting)
• Draft and send the decision letter to applicant
1) Committee Secretary/Treasurer: Responsibilities include,
• Ensures fund balance is communicated to committee members prior to or at committee meeting.
• Take meeting minutes and circulate to all members
• Coordinate with agency finance department to track funds
7.2 Frequency of Meetings:
As needed when an application for funding has been received (see process for funding). Members may join meetings by phone/Skype when possible.

8.0 Process for Funding:
• Application is completed by service provider with consent of child/care giver
• Within one week of receiving application, Committee Chair reviews the application to assess whether all required information has been included. If the application is not complete, Committee Chair contacts the applicant to identify omissions.
• Once a completed application is received a member of the Committee has a conversation with the referent and/or parent and the Committee Chair calls a meeting of the MVTFC. This meeting will take place within three weeks of receiving a completed application.
• Within three days of committee meeting, Committee Chair will notify the applicant of funding decision by phone/email and a letter.
• Identified client (or caregiver) will sign letter of understanding regarding funding and return to Committee Chair.
• Funds are released to treatment providers based on invoices provided for service.