In-Office Programs

Child and Family Therapy is available to children, youth and their families who are experiencing mental health difficulties and want/need either a short term or longer term treatment. Therapists use a variety of strength-focused and goal /outcome- based therapies to assist children and youth. They also provide some, case coordination with other services/service providers (school, other agency services, ACL, medical). Participation in services is voluntary and consent is required.

Intensive Services Coordination is delivered Intensive Service Coordinator (ISC) coordinates community services:

  • for children and youth with complex special needs such as those stemming from significant functional limitations
  • whose families have sought services and are still experiencing significant stresses or an inability to manage the needs of their child
  • who would benefit from an extraordinary service currently unavailable to them
  • includes cross-agency and cross-sector service planning and coordination

Many of the children and youth have significant behavioural challenges or need constant care or supervision.

Telepsychiatry Service is:

  • Available to people living in areas of the province with no child and adolescent psychiatrists.
  • High quality, specialized psychiatric consultations.
  • Helpful to a family or service provider whose child/teen may be suffering from a psychiatric problem (e.g., depression, ADD/ADHD, bi-polar disorder, or anxiety).
  • Able to offer periodic training sessions for professionals and parents, and ongoing program consultations as arranged.
  • Accessed through the CYMH person already involved with the family or through our walk-in clinic (CWIC).

Psychological Service offers:

  • Assessments  to individuals based on the needs and requirements of the client.
  • A third party to provide psychological assessments.
  • Psychological assessments only to clients who are already involved with other CYMH services of the agency.

Residential Services provides:

  • Therapeutic Care for 12 to 16 weeks in a resource home for children of families who are at risk of family breakdown.
  • Intensive office based and in home services and defined goals support success.
  • Therapeutic Respite, short term (2 to 4 days) relief for children/teens and families to support skills development and parental relief.
  • Hands Treatment Residence, a limited term (4 to 6 months) treatment group home placement in North Bay with coordinated service delivery between residence and Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions CYMH staff.
  • services only to children and youth already involved with the CYMH services of the agency.

Group Programs include:

Children’s Voices group that is delivered in collaboration with Interval House for children exposed to domestic violence. The purpose of the program is to provide children ages 5- 13 with the opportunity to process and understand to work through the impact of violence and to find ways to deal with their feelings and develop self esteem

The Cool Kids programs helps children and teens learn to manage anxiety and related difficulties such as depression. This program was piloted in a local high school and will run in all the high schools and an elementary school.

Enhancing Attachments is a five-session program for foster, adoptive and kin parents  designed to assist them to better understand and support the children in their homes who have experienced trauma and attachment disruptions.

Triple P groups (0-12 and teen) is a family intervention for parents of children who have or are at risk of developing behavior problems.  It is a preventive program that promotes positive, caring relationships between parents and their children, and helps parents develop effective strategies for dealing with a variety of childhood behavior problems and common developmental issues

Strengthening Families for the Future (SFF) is a 15- week group for parents and their children aged 7 to 11, to help to reduce factors that put families at risk for substance misuse and mental health problems, and to enhance factors that can help families to function well. Built around a family meal, the program involves the whole family. Strengthening Families for Teens (SFPY): This is the 9-week teen version of SFF.

BrainWise is a fun and interactive method for teaching children about emotional regulation. In a partnership with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board and Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions, children learn how to control impulsive behavior, accurately identify choices, assess the consequences and make responsible decisions.  Learning how to stop and think, control emotions, and make good choices are skills that underlie success. Research shows that students who complete the BrainWise Program are making better decisions.

Targeted Prevention Groups: “As identified” short term group programs, most often with a community partner.